About me

Hi there, my first name is Gary and I have been the individual behind this site. I enjoy posting about real estate property investing.

I started out as a newbie much like you and experienced almost zilch success in my investments. Actually, my very first 2 real-estate buys were a complete failure. I lost money greater than I gained. But then, I didn’t fully understand most of the tips I’m presently discussing on this blog, so the disappointment was expected from a holistic viewpoint.

After dabbling in the real estate property investment landscape for the very first time without any success, I determined to succeed. I became determined to never throw in the towel no matter the size of the obstacles I experienced. I decided to strive once more but this time more seriously, and try once more I did.

Now here comes the best part. I gained phenomenal success after delving into the property investment landscape to get all the expertise I needed to pull off something significant. I started profiting big time, all because of that willpower to not only acquire the vital knowledge I needed, but as well as to succeed. My first failure also played a crucial part in my financial success. It turned out to be a learning experience in my opinion.

Any time I’m not here writing, I’m typically attending meetings, gatherings, and heading programmes. Any time I’m in my house, I enjoy the company of my wife and kids. We are one big joyful family.

The reason for this site is to discuss my experience so you can enjoy my 5-year experience completely free. If you have any queries, shoot me an e-mail here.